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New forms of scientific communication and research assessment : perspectives and recognition

The URFIST (Regional Units for Scientific and Technical Information Training) have been regularly organizing a national conference since 2002. In 2014, the topic will focus on the various forms of research publishing and the recognition or evaluation modes that are associated to these.

The aim of this conference is to think about the frontiers between forms of publication that are said to be legitimate or non legitimate, the new means of researchers’ expression and commitment and the way these publishing venues are taken into account in the research evaluation. In order to achieve this, we will study achievements, experiments or field analyses on overlay journals, open peer commentaries, research blogs in SSH or STM fields, scientific mediation through blogs or social networks, institutional or community evaluations, new metrics, unique researcher IDs, etc.

In other words, we mean to study the evolutions presently at work in the researchers’ activities, and especially the evolutions induced by the digital era, by the new forms of research management and by a policy of data “openness”. This conference will optimise the understanding of the evolving researcher activity, from epistolary exchange to e-science.


Welcome and registration (breakfast) – 8 :30

Opening session –  9h

  • Sylvie Mellet, Vice-President of the Research Commission, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Morning : Models of evolving standards for academic publishing  and news means of expression 9 :30-12 :30

  • Green Open Access and assessment, reflexion from OpenEdition@Inria : Alain Monteil, Head of the Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Department  INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), Sophia Antipolis
  • « Carnets » alias Research blogging in SSH : Pierre Mounier, Deputy Director, Open Edition / Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte (Cléo)
  • An STM blogger’s view : David Monniaux, CNRS Research Director and blogger
  • The Commons : Philippe Aigrain, Director, Sopinspace (Société pour les espaces publics d’information / Society for Public Information Spaces) and founding Co-chairman, La Quadrature du Net (non-profit association that defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet)

__ Lunch – Buffet
Afternoon : Legitimacy, reputation, evaluation – 14 :00-17 :00

  • Publish AND Perish in 2014 : Yves Gingras, History and Sociology Professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology : Simon Hodson, Executive Director, CODATA.
  • Altmetrics : Rodrigo Costas Comesaña, researcher, CWTS (Centre for Science and Technology Studies),  Leiden University (The Netherlands)
  • Faculty of 1000 : Eva Amsen, Outreach Director, F1000 Research (United Kingdom)

Closing Session : 17 :00-17 :15